GPD40 mining explosion-isolation safety pressure capsule

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The essential safety type pressure capsule for mining is used in liquid, gaseous pressure testing. Real-time output current signal, it is convenient to connect with various automatic control systems.
The sensor carries out enterprises standard GB3836-2010, MT393-1995, Q/ZMD031- 2012.

Environmental condition
--Ambient temperature around - 5 - 40 ;
--The height above sea level is less than 1000m, the atmospheric pressure of the mine (0.08- 0.11) Mpa;
--The ambient air relative humidity is not greater than 95% (at 25 ) ;
--Suitable for while having the environments of gas and coal dust explosion hazard;
--The class of pollution is 3 grades;
--Install the classification as IIIs;
--Used in not shaking notably and the ballistic place.

Pack: Wooden case
Type: GPD40
Specification: Explosion-isolation safety
Trade mark: Coal in Shandong
Use: Industrial
Material: Piezoelectric material
Type: Explosion-isolation safety

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