Air circuit breaker

Contact Details
Contacts: Officer sound circle in the air Mr.
Telephone: 86-598-8782757
Address: City 77 1005 of sunshine for three bright market plum listing areas of Fujian Province

The circuit breaker of every producer, the type, the price
The following is several circuit breaker types:
X1N1000 R1000 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1000 R1000 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1000 R1000 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1000 R1000 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1000 R1000 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1000 R1000 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST

X1N1250 R400 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1250 R400 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1250 R400 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1250 R400 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1250 R400 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1250 R400 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST

X1N1250 R800 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1250 R800 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1250 R800 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1250 R800 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1250 R800 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1250 R800 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST

X1N1250 R1250 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1250 R1250 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1250 R1250 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1250 R1250 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1250 R1250 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1250 R1250 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST

X1N1600 R400 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1600 R400 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1600 R400 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1600 R400 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1600 R400 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1600 R400 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST

X1N1600 R800 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1600 R800 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1600 R800 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1600 R800 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1600 R800 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1600 R800 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST

X1N1600 R1600 PR331/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1600 R1600 PR331/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1600 R1600 PR331/P-LSIG FHR NST
X1N1600 R1600 PR332/P-LI FHR NST
X1N1600 R1600 PR332/P-LSI FHR NST
X1N1600 R1600 PR332/P-LSIG FHR NST


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