SMT tag DIP card and electron

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The prosperous prosperous electron is a specialized electronic processing enterprise, accept business of processing with supplied materials of accurate electronic product such as SMT tag, DIP card in speciality, and one-stop service of offering the products to test, measure, wear out, pack etc., the company was established in 2003, had complete advanced SMT and card production line. There are more than 150 staff at present. There is multi advanced production equipment 20 now in our company, have Fuji now: 10 FUJI CPIV-2, FUJI XP142E, FUJI IPIII chip mounter, 2 for seven temperature region solder-reflow, one pair of wave peaks 1 tin soldering device of full automaticity. . The staples accepted and processed now is as follows, vehicle carried DVD, VCD, decoding board, power amplifier mother board, MP3, computer control panel, networking products,etc.. The company has a high-quality production personnel, the intersection of technical force and richness, the intersection of apparatus and advanced person, rigorously enforce according to ISO9000: 2000 the intersection of edition and international the intersection of quality and management system and the intersection of IPC-A-610C and the intersection of electronic packaging and acceptance standard go on, produce; Company produce the intersection of SMT300 and point, 1 million o'clock such as card Wan day now, the price is reasonable, quality assurance, delivering in time.

Type: Processing with supplied materials
Specification: The electron is processed
Trade mark: Prosperous and prosperous in Guangzhou

TAG:The processing with supplied materials is prosperous and prosperous in Guangzhou

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