LS circuit breaker

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Address: Beautiful the intersection of road and 1999 No. 26-301 room Luo, Shanghai of China,

LS circuit breaker has plastic shell circuit breakers (ABE, ABS, ABH, ABL) ,Residual current circuit-breaker (EBE, EBS, EBL, EBH) ,Miniature circuit breaker (BK, BS, RK) ,Air circuit breaker (LBA) ,Mix the plastic shell circuit breaker of electricity type (TD, TS) When.

Plastic shell circuit breaker:
Economy ABE52B, ABE53B, ABE62B, ABE63B, ABE102B, ABE103B, ABE104B, ABE202B, ABE203B, ABE204B, ABE204B, ABE402B, ABE403B, ABE404B, ABE602B, ABE603B, ABE604B, ABE802B, ABE803B, ABE804B;

Normal form ABS32B, ABS33B, ABS52B, ABS53B, ABS54B, ABS62B, ABS63B, ABS64B, ABS102B, ABS103B, ABS104B, ABS202B, ABS203B, ABS204B, ABS402B, ABS403B, ABS404B, ABS602B, ABS603B, ABS604B, ABS802B, ABS803B, ABS804B, ABS1003, ABS1004, ABS1203, ABS1204;

High breaking type
ABH32B, ABH33B, ABH52B, ABH53B, ABH54B, ABH102B, ABH103B, ABH104B, ABH202B, ABH203B, ABH204B, ABH402B, ABH403B, ABH404B

Restrict the flow pattern ABL52A, ABL53A, ABL54A, ABL102A, ABL103A, ABL104A, ABL202A, ABL203A, ABL204A, ABL402A, ABL403B, ABL404B, ABL602B, ABL603B, ABL604B, ABL802B, ABL803B, ABL804B

Residual current circuit-breaker:
EBE52B, EBE102B, EBE53B, EBE63B, EBE103B, EBE203B, EBE403

Standard form
EBS33B, EBS53B, EBS63B, EBS103B, EBS203B, EBS403B

High breaking type
EBH33B, EBH53B, EBH103B, EBH203B, EBH403

Restrict the flow pattern
EBL53, EBL103, EBL203, EBL403

Miniature circuit breaker: BKN, BKH, BKP, BKD, BSN, RKN, RKP( 1P, 1P N, 2P, 3P, 3P N, 4P)


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