Distant sensor (LRFS-0040-1)

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The centering of the slab is positioned in front of the step-by-step stove and measuring
Fixed length system in the continuous casting of slab
The alignment of the steel hired car is measured
Detection of the blast furnace bin level
Roll diameter measurement of steel
Paper roll diameter measurement of the paper mill
Yarn roll diameter measurement of spinninging in machinery
Liquid level is monitored
Lifting height of the container
Measure the range 0.1-50 meters (natural surface, 30 meters of black surfaces) ,100m the above-mentioned ' White, reflecting surface)
Survey accuracy /-1mm( 0.1-15m) , / -2 / - (15m the above-mentioned) in 3mm
Definition 0.1mm
Measure speed representative value 5Hz ( 1 type: 10Hz; 2 type: 50Hz)
Protect the grade IP65
Volume 186.6x96x50mm
Battery DC10-30V
Weight 500g
Safe visible laser RS232/422 interface of red
4-20mA standard output Dustproof and defending the high-temperature option
Random software can help you until worker accuse of terms carry on unit adjustment to instrument and external triggering measure and analog signal set for, call the police and export ...Parameter setting follows one's bent

Type: LRFS-0040-1


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