F3SJ-E safe optical curtain

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F3SJ-B safe optical curtain

F3SJ-E (simple)
Can be used in the simple palm to invade and measure. Change the type and install half that required time is only the traditional products.
Very clear diagnostic result, the safe optical curtain products of simple though the function is simple, but reliability is high.

F3SJ-B safe optical curtain
Shielding function has realized the use of the safe optical curtain under various production environment.
Install way to be flexible, can the series connection answers 3 safe optical curtains at most.

F3SJ-B safe optical curtain type table:

F3SJ-A0425P14 F3SJ-A0911N14 F3SJ-A0533N14
F3SJ-A0443P14 F3SJ-A0983N14 F3SJ-A0551N14
F3SJ-A0461P14 F3SJ-A1055N14 F3SJ-A0569N14
F3SJ-A0479P14 F3SJ-A1127N14 F3SJ-A0587N14
F3SJ-A0497P14 F3SJ-A1199N14 F3SJ-A0299N14
F3SJ-A0515P14 F3SJ-A1271N14 F3SJ-A0317N14
F3SJ-A0533P14 F3SJ-A1343N14 F3SJ-A0335N14
F3SJ-A0551P14 F3SJ-A1415N14 F3SJ-A0353N14
F3SJ-A0569P14 F3SJ-A1487N14 F3SJ-A1127P14
F3SJ-A0587P14 F3SJ-A1559N14 F3SJ-A1199P14
F3SJ-A0605P14 F3SJ-A1631N14 F3SJ-A1271P14
F3SJ-A0623P14 F3SJ-A0245P14 F3SJ-A1343P14
F3SJ-A0659P14 F3SJ-A0263P14 F3SJ-A0695P14
F3SJ-A1415P14 F3SJ-A1487P14 F3SJ-A0731P14
F3SJ-A0911P14 F3SJ-A1559P14 F3SJ-A0767P14
F3SJ-A0983P14 F3SJ-A1631P14 F3SJ-A0803P14
F3SJ-A1055P14 F3SJ-A0245N20 F3SJ-A0839P14
F3SJ-A0305N20 F3SJ-A0275N20 F3SJ-A0875P14
F3SJ-A0263N14 F3SJ-A0281N14
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Pack: Hard-cover
Type: F3SJ-A0875P14
Specification: 250*250
Trade mark: Omron
Safe optical curtain: Sensor series

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