I-shape magnetic core ( DR39.525)

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City a yet electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Dongguan is worker's electric enterprise of a electrical home appliances, it is the enterprises sanctioned registering in the national relevant department. Manage the voltage transformer mainly, the magnetic core, magnetic ring, I-shape magnetic core, the magnet,etc.. The company lies in Guangdong Dongguan, Dongguan of China. A still electronic science and technology, in line with " customer first, have the the highest sincerity " Principle,of enterprise is long-term without being established cooperation relation. Cordial to welcome the friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate, negotiate the business. (Expand, deal in, exchanging the standing grain before this is safe to change to still electronics scientific technology co., original telephone, the fax is constant) Can open 17% of the tax reciepts.

Pack: Carton pearl cotton
Type: I-shape magnetic core
Specification: Dr39.5*25
Trade mark: Zong Shang
I-shape magnetic core Dr39.5 *25: I-shape magnetic core Dr39.5 *25

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