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First, applicable scope:
BP8Y serial frequency sensitive rheostats suitable for the capacity 1.5 kilowatt to 200 kilowatt of the new energy-conserving electrical machinery, 50Hz, YZR series jack-up metallurgy uses start and opposing connection apparatus under the frequent operational circumstances of the three-phase asynchronous motor. Insert the frequency sensitive rheostat in the trochanter loop of this asynchronous motor, generally adopt and often connect the way, do not need to install the short circuit apparatus of the contact apparatus separately, so it features that can make the electric motor got and close to the mechanical property of the constant-torque with the system that is refined, extremely ideal start the original paper.

Second, type and meaning:

Third, service conditions:
The rheostat can work under the following conditions reliably:
1,Above sea level not to exceed 2000 meters; 2,Ambient temperature is not higher than 40 degrees, is not lower than - 30 degrees;
3,The air relative temperature is not higher than 85%; 4,There are places to defend the sleet and not full of steaming places;
5,In the medium without explosion hazard, and there is no enough corroding metal and destroy insulating gas and conductive dust in the medium;
6,Generally allow shaking and ballistic place; 7,Slope with the vertical plane into a place of any angle.
Rheostats are different according to the frequent intensity operated, can be divided into three kinds:
First kind of the step in great numbers slightly, 100-400 times per hour, besides main hook on ground goliath crane of machine shop, translate the electrical machinery on the organization, make in the roller bed, steel drawing machine,etc.. The great majority are just start, on the deenergization.
Second kind relatively frequent, 400-600 per hour, metallurgy steel rolling goliath crane of the workshop, besides main hook, translate the electrical machinery on the organization, the roller bed of the job, extend roller bed,etc. in front and at the back of the rolling mill. The great majority are just start, on the deenergization.
The third kind is frequently operated, 600-1000 times per hour, the roller bed of lifting platform, depress and fit, the steel pulling out machine, roller in the rolling mill.

Output: 50000


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