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Contacts: Mr. Li Jun General manager
Telephone: 86-519-86228816
Fax: 86-519-86228826
Mobile Phone: 13382868677
Address: Long triangular mould city No. 7-16 of high and new technology industrial development zone of Wujin of Changzhou of Jiangsu Province

Self-lubrication, hard-wearing, high temperature resistant, high precision, high strength, able to bear corrosion.

The company is absorbed in polyimide (PI) , PEEK (PEEK) , polyethersulfone (PES) Wait for application and development and production of the special plastic products. The special project plastic products, to the teflon, excellent all-round property of have high temperature resistant, self-lubrication, hard-wearing, high strength, are able to bear corrodinging etc. that polyoxymethylene,etc. is the common plastic products that raw materials are processed.

The company has raw material characteristics that is measured, fill a prescription and design, compound, modify, mould plastics the intersection of kilowatt meter and engineering of mould, mould mould, accurate the intersection of plastic and the intersection of products and the intersection of person who machine and intact technological process and stable the intersection of process for preparing and process capability. The special project that our company develops moulds the products and already succeeds in applying to machinery, electron, instrument, food, food package packing machine,etc. service conditions harsh having special occasioning of technical requirement in the trade. Have succeeded in developing wear-resisting valve plug of self-lubrication and bushing, high-temperature wear-resisting slide block and bushing, brake block of the loom, vacuum pump chute blade, oil-free compressor leather cup, measuring son, arc chute, guide block, high-temperature pillar, food packaging machine to insert setting aside etc. wear-resisting, and offer to the customer in batches, wear-resisting valve plug developed for the plastic member of project of substituting the import among them, slide block, bushing, compressor leather cup and tobacco packaging machine form,etc. totally reach the performance index of importing one, and the related customer's complete machine exports to Pakistan, U.S.A..

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