Interference absorber army marks lightning protection)

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This product protects military computer and electronic device and works in the complicated electromagnetic environment for 24 hours, thunder it needn't shut down either, Ray can not make reaction; Carry out China's military standard GJB151A-97 and American war standard MIL-STD-461D.
First, characteristic
This product consumes the energy of electromagnetic disturbance, without getting to the earth electromagnetic disturbance like electric-wave filter. So, the interference-free result is only decided by one's own electrical properties of the products, it is stable, does not change with earthing external conditions such as the state, weather state,etc., for example it is good to earth, connecting the terrane and getting rusty etc. under the ground has not been influenced. " non-grounded " Avoid injury such as reaction Ray, nuclear explosion electromagnetic wave in the high altitude fundamentally.
Second, install the way: This product is made " Move power " The form, the all right direct insert of military computer plug.

Third, use the main point
1,This product is earthed or used non-groundedly and will do. Propose using non-groundedly strongly, avoid artificial pulse injury such as reaction Ray, nuclear explosion electromagnetic wave in the high altitude fundamentally, Intelligent devices, such as computer,etc.. A few apparatuses such as radar, emitting antenna depend on earthing working, must earth and use.
2,The plug of this product should be inserted on 220V fixed socket, the power line is by " switch board " Draw alone directly, does not set up the branch circuit.
3,This product is regarded as " The lightning protection of the apparatus " (third stage lightning protection) ,With the lightning arrester ' Lightning protection of first step) With the lightning arrester ' Lightning protection the second highest in rank) Cooperate and use, form the intact lightning protection system.
4,Especially emphasize " General knowledge of electricity consumption " : After must check and confirm the drain protector intactly ing, just allow energizationly to use, guarantee life's security.
5,This product can't be beaten, shaken fiercely.

Code number Code Name Index
1 CE102 Conducted emission of power line f =10K~0.5M~10MHz
94~60 ~60 dB

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