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APF active filter
Operating principle
Gather the electric current signal in real time through the external mutual inductor CT, isolate the harmonic part among them through the internal detection circuit in filtering principle, produce the compensating current opposite to systematic equal phase place of harmonic wave through IGBT power inverter, realize the harmonic function of filtration.
It measures dynamic variation according to the harmonic wave of the system to output the compensating current, so will not have presented the compensatory question. In addition, there are internal overload protection functions, when the harmonic quantity of the system is greater than the electric-wave filter capacity, can limit and export in nominal capacity 100% automatically, the electric-wave filter over load will not happen.
The reactive complementarity principle can make the harmonic in filtration one simultaneous and carry on dynamic reactive power compensation through parameter setting.
According to the reactive power of the detection system, produced the capacitive or perceptual fundamental current through IGBT power inverter, realize dynamic reactive power compensation, the compensatory targeted value of the idle work
Can presume through the operation panel.
Reactive compensating current according to system been reactive quantity demand that dynamic variation, will not have compensated, flexible reactive power compensation will not produce the surge to strike.
After inside controls the disconnecting switch switching-in of the principle, pass the pre- charge resistance to the condenser charge of direct-flow bus wire at first, this course will last several seconds, assault to the twinkling of an eye of direct-flow bus wire capacitor after preventing power up. After the busbar voltage Udc reaches the desired value, the main contactor is closed.
The direct-flow bus wire electric capacity, as the storing energy component, in order to output the compensating current to offer energy outwards through IGBT inverter and internal reactor.
Gather the electric current signal to send to the signal and recuperate the circuit in real time through the outside CT, then give to FPGA control device, the control device separates the fundamental wave composition, and extract all harmonic wave; The harmonic composition that the control device will gather gets difference to export to the driving circuit as the real-time compensating signal compared with compensating current already sent out, touch off IGBT converter to produce and support the harmonic current with opposite harmonic current phase to inject into the electric wire netting, realize the harmonic function of filtration.

Characteristic of the products and employing 3L application and characteristic
Suitable for 3L active electric electric-wave filter that the industrial high capacity supports
To rectifier, frequency converter, large-scale UPS, intermediate frequency stove, electric arc furnace, welding machine. Chemical industry industrial high capacity linear load, introduce the intersection of 3L and the intersection of series and active electric electric-wave filter.
Its unprecedented filter capacity fully of filtering utensil of 3L serial active electricity, can filtrate 2~50 subharmonics at the same time, filter capacity can be up to more than 97%, is less than 10ms to the complete reimbursed time of harmonic wave of the step change.
The intersection of 3L and the intersection of series and active electric electric-wave filter but multi parallel operation at the same time, suitable for industrial various situations of field totally, industrial high capacity the intersection of linear load and best solution that harmonic wave controlled.
4L application and characteristic are suitable for 4L active electric electric-wave filter of the civil version
Fluorescent lamp, computer, UPS, lift, frequency conversion air conditioner,etc. where commercial building fields use in a large amount nowadays, not only pollute the electric wire netting seriously, but also its third harmonic produced is superposed to the neutral, make the neutral generate heat, threaten the security of power distribution system seriously, support to the commercial phenotype, active electric electric-wave filter of series of introducing 4L.
4L can dispel the neutral line current caused by third harmonic completely, can dispel 2~50 ranges and inner all or harmonic wave which select the number of times, possess the communication function, can link with user's Off-The-Shelf communication system conveniently.
4L active electric electric-wave filter but multi parallel operation at the same time, are suitable for various states of the civil field safely, it is important electrical apparatus with essential civil field such as a commercial building power distribution system.

Technological characteristic basic characteristic
Support and short out, overvoltage, voltage shortage, excessive load,etc. protects the function.
It is high and clear to adopt, 5.7 inches of Chinese colored touch-sensitive screens.
Dispel three-phase unbalanced functions.
Do not know and syntony takes place systematically.
Can go on, await the opportune moment function management.
Can only filter, or filter and compensate the idle work, and but the priority order of the set feature service at the same time.
Design the lectotype to be simple, does not need to carry on the detailed electric wire netting to analyze, only need to measure the magnitude of the harmonic current.
Connect the intersection of installation and way in parallel, install simple, easy to expand convenient, but multi to connect in parallel.
Can realize different capacity is connected in parallel.
Implement failure logging and logging, and can inquire about the history record.

The signal dealt with: Figure
The frequency band of the signal: Band elimination
The components and parts: Active


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