Flange type pressure transmitter (AL)

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First, use the target
Used in the liquid level measurement of the viscous liquid. Used in food industrial pressure, liquid level measurement. Used in the hygiene occasion.

Second, technical feature
1,Specification type
2,Use the temperature region: -The intersection of 30 - 80 and 10 - 60 (take the on-the-spot dial gauge)
3,The additional error of the temperature: Zero, the degree of sensitivity <0.02% F. S/
4,Zero shift: It is 0 that it is moved that positive and negative- 75% FS (have positive, negative output transforming functions)
5,The quantum is expanded: 5: 1
6,Power: 24VDC, the non-loaded transducer can work in 12VDC, maximum operating voltage 36VDC.
7,Overload capacity: 1.5 times of the quantum of the basic reference
8,Unexplosive marks: Ia BT6

Third, exterior size
AL flange type pressure changes giving device into the direct installing type transducer, such as Fig. 2. The flange size sees national standard GB9119.6- 88 DN80. As to the shell of tank already used, can allocate the flange according to user's request.

Fourth, install the form
AL flange type pressure transmitter adopts the formal installation of flange, does not need clamp stand, it is more convenient to install. While installing. It is a measuring point that should choose to be far away from heat source, not have vibrating place.

Fifth, interstar connection way
The pressure transmitter used under the environment of unexplosive should mix the guard grating. The interstar connection is shown in Fig. 4.

Sixth, order attentive matters
While ordering, please provide the intact type specification according to the lectotype table.
Special product can agree to supply.

Seventh, Item Model and specification coaxiality table
AL - flange type pressure transmitter
Coaxiality specification
H Liquid level
P Pressure
Measurement limit of coaxiality
1 O- 200mm, O- 2KPa
2 O- 500mm, O- 5KPa
3 O- 1000mm, O- 1OKPa
4 0- 3m, O- 3OKPa
5 0- 5, O- 5OKPa
6 O- 10, O- 100KPa
7 0- 15, O- 150KPa
8 0- 20, O- 200KPa
9 0- 25, O- 250KPa
Coaxiality outcoming signal
2 4- 20mA
4 O- 1OmA
Coaxiality precision
02 0.2
05 0.5
Flange size of the coaxiality
1 GB9119.6-88DN80
2 other specifications
On-the-spot dial gauge of coaxiality
There is not 1
There is 2
Unexplosive form of the coaxiality
I Unexplosive of intrinsically safe
D Compound unexplosive
AL-H 4 2 02 1 0 I The intact type of the transducer gives an example

Lectotype example
The example 1: AL-H4-202101 flange type pressure transmitter, the quantum is 0- 3m, the two-wire system 4- 20mA is exported, the precision is 0.2%, the interface is DN80, there is not on-the-spot dial gauge, the unexplosive of intrinsically safe.

Type: AL
Output: A large amount of