Specialized temperature sensor of the heat table

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Product features
Characteristic of the products 1. The measurement limit is wide;
2.The speed of response is fast;
3.The flexibility is good, easy to install and use;
4.Have long performance life ' The airtightness is good, the compactness is high) ;
5.It is of good performance that the mechanical strength withstands the voltage;
Protective tube and wire length can be according to customer's request.
Application fields
Application Specialized temperature sensor of oven of the industrial oven
Production standard
Produce the standard JB/T9329-1999 instrument and transport, store the basic environmental condition;
Common technical condition of GB/T15464-1995 instrument packaging;
JB/T8622-1997 industrial platinum resistance thermal resistance technical condition and dividing the reference table.
Temperature element
Component PT1000 of temperature sensing
Accuracy class
DIN CLASS B (0.3 )
Measuring range
Measurement limit -50~105
Protection tube diameter
Diameter of the protective tube 5*45mm (take activity copper whorl)
Protection tube material
The protective tube material 304 mates and uses, the precision, as 0.1 degrees that mate
Connecting wire
Connecting wire Gray PVC L =1.5M
Wiring method
Interstar connection way Line 2
Installation mode
Install the way 39 /33 Movable whorl

Can customize according to customer's request

Pack: No. 20 Branch /wrap up
Type: WZPT-395
Specification: Wzpt-395 5*45mm (take activity copper whorl)
Trade mark: keyun
Outcoming signal: Analog type
Measuring way: Contact-type
Material and electronic element characteristic: Thermal resistance
Wzpt-395: 5*45mm (take activity copper whorl) ,Gray PVC thread, line long 1500mm

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