Dry-reed tube ( 14103)

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The bright plastic electron in harmony professional at home produces and researches one of the earphone, convenience receptacle, switch manufacturer. The company mainly produces 6.35, 3.5, earphone socket series 2.5, connecting dozens of kinds of series of products such as wire base, binding post series, Model RCA concentric socket series, switch, light contact switch, convenience receptacle,etc..

The products are used in household appliances and other accurate electronic instrument and equipment such as computer, car combined acoustics acoustic enclosure, power amplifier and CD player,etc. extensively.

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part no. Type 14103

total length

Total length
44.7 mm

glass length

Glass length
14.2 mm

glass diameter

2.3 mm

contact form

Contact form
1a (spst-no)

contact position

Position of contact

contact material

Contact material

contact rating

Contact load

max. switching voltage

Switching voltage of maximum
100 vdc / vac

max. switching current

Switched current of maximum

contact resistance
(at initial value)

Contact resistance (Initialization value )
100 mohms

pull in value (at)

Starting value

out value (at)

Releasing value

operation time

Pick-up time
1.0 msec.(max.)

release time

Releasing time
0.4 msec.(max.)

breakdown voltage

Able to bear the high pressure


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