Heat-dissipating aluminium base plate

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The long treasure Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen was established in 2006, one specialize in, research and develop, produce the p-c board MCPCB of metal base ' Aluminium base plate, copper base plate, iron base plate) Private scientific and technological enterprise. Enterprises authorize through 9001/ 2000 of the international quality systems, the material is authorized through UL; Our company has a specialized team engaged in production of the breadboard, there are many senior engineers and professional administrative staff; Have automatic fabrication facilities, delicate checkout equipment led at home, leading in trade research and development technology and rigorous quality management system.

Various high-power LED form that our company produces, , can compare favourably with advanced products in foreign countries, the products are applied to trade fields with the heat-dissipating demand such as the lighting, electricity, electron, communication, medical equipment, mechanical equipment of high-power LED environmental protection,etc. extensively.

The company has inherited " high requiring, tight management, heavy quality, excellent service " since established Management theory,insist all the time with " the after service when products when it is top quality, most it is complete " Repay old and new customers, has won the masses of customers' support and trust! The business scope of our company has already spread all over the whole country more than 20 province and city and Taiwan, Hong Kong, America and Europe, Japan, South Korea, South Africa etc at present.

"The urgently needed family is urgent, think users think, survive on high quality, seek development with the speed, achive the top of trade speed " It is a service aim of the long treasure company. In the course of developing, the whole company unites as one, struggle together, is devoted to creating first-class culture, first-class enterprise. Grasp, bear the intersection of ISO9001 and standard, adhere to persevering spirit, whole to participate in quality improve, absorbing the international up-to-the-minute technology constantly, improve products quality, meet demands of customer. " achieve the trade speed " It is the goal that the long treasure people make great efforts.

Pack: Vaccum package
Output: 2000 square meters per month


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