Electronic board of Siemens (BL2000-CEB-v2. pcb)

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Our company is mainly the whole ladder manufacturing company of ESC, install, transform, maintain, maintain the unit and offer various ESC fittings. Mitsubishi, Hitachi, concerted effort, reaches fast, Sri Lankan, Thiessen, LG-OTIS of Toshiba, brand guests such as the star agate,etc., common parts of various lifts such as escalator, various accessories and lift optical curtain, lift specialized air conditioner, lift specialized wire rope, intercommunication telephone set moving sidewalks,etc.. Maintain circuit board of the lift, offering every technological transformation and processing according to investor's samples,etc. in speciality. Great variety of goods, domestic, import the fittings, of high quality and at a reasonable price. Sell in batches and retail, if you need to buy the fittings, the connection that please send a telegram here.

Good relation that our company and manufacturer which produce producer and famous lift of professional lift fittings have established the cooperation in long-term, wide in variety, the whole series. The company inherits " Based on sincerity, pursue being outstanding " Enterprise idea,last lift fittings supplier! People first,speciality attentively, keep improving sincere principle,endeavour to make sure let every customer not rested assured, our pious expectation cooperates sincerely with you, go forward hand in hand!

The tabulation of the products:
Automatic door lock, one one hundred sheets of splices of door, triangulation chain, door hanging plate guide shoe, roller guide, safety edge, force the shoe guide of door closing device, slide block of a door of door, locking wheel of the door, a roller guide wheel under the door, cushion, guide wheel of compensation chain, oil cellar, overhaul the box, leveling reactor, fan, Coder,etc. presses the button, step, the arrival gong power locks, link chain, pulley cluster, cable shelf of hand rail, traction sheave, friction pulley, gate machine wheel, contacts of door lock such as the emergency governor,etc., limit switch of one pair of door locks, reduce, build switch, hand rail pigeonhole device, the intersection of drive chain and wheel-setting, the intersection of step and shaft sleeve fit the intersection of escalator and the intersection of wheel and the intersection of escalator and the intersection of boarder and aluminium, mould the intersection of coxcomb and the intersection of hall door and the intersection of device and optical curtain,etc..

Type: BL2000-CEB-v2. pcb


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