Auxiliary relay ( HH54P)

Contact Details
Contacts: Mr. Huang HanMeng
Telephone: 86-510-85031877
Address: The pool south world of China Jiangsu Province Wuxi employs the store F district No. 78

The auxiliary relay spare part is customized and processed by the overseas-funded enterprise, quality is first-class
Introduce the foreign advanced assembly line, the whole automatic coil winding machines and checkout equipments in the whole series of the company
The products quality produced are very high, export to American-European countries in enormous quantities
Have a great deal of world authorize, fatal shortcoming lower than 50ppm (parts per million 50)

Characteristic and operation instructions
This electrical relay adopts the EN, adopt separated installation, is especially suitable for applying to having pollution, moist place of air, using under resistance load can substitute Siemens ( 3TH) ; Snide (CA) Its contact apparatus type electrical relay.
Partial installation is easy to change the components and parts, maintain and bring the facility for the equipment component in the future.
Do not propose the electric motor of propulsion power of this electrical relay.
The tape can make movements and look at tomorrow while pointing out the lamp type.
The tape tests the button type can be used as test line in electroless state. (new function)
Worthy of pointing the protective type socket, but electrical shock protection.

Type: HH54P
Contact form: Chang Kai
According to action principle: Direct current


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