Trinity lightning arrester (ADTV-3)

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[Trinity lightning arrester of name or description ]

[The brand ] Airdun ' The intersection of Al and shield)
[Type ] AD/TV-3
[Goods number ] 900 710
[The specialized trinity lightning arrester of monitor system of application area ], the trinity video controls the lightning arrester, control the trinity lightning arrester, trinity lighting arrester, control the trinity lighting arrester, the trinity lightning arrester of the camera, the video controls the lightning arrester, the lightning arrester of the lens, the lightning arrester of the camera is the alias of this lightning arrester. The trinity lightning arrester is a dedicated lightning arrester of monitor system, it is a integrated multi-functional lightning arrester. Can implement surge protection to the power, video / audio frequency, the Cloud Terrace control circuitry of the forward end camera of monitor system separately. The ones that made it avoid induced voltage, operating voltage and electrostatic discharge,etc. cause were damaged.

[The lightning protection of applicable high-speed ball, moderate speed ball, the Cloud Terrace camera of trinity lightning arrester of characteristic characteristic ] is protected. Trinity lightning arrester go on, integrate, design while being surge-proof to power, video, control line to control camera, equilibrate every circuit electrical potential difference. The trinity lightning arrester can prevent the apparatus caused by that instant of electrical potential difference such as the power, video, control line increase from damaging effectively. The trinity lightning arrester open flowrate is forced down big, incomplete, the speed of response is quick, have long performance life. The collectivization of the trinity lightning arrester, the volume is small, the interstar connection is simple and easy, it is convenient to install.

[Technical parameter ] one, trinity the intersection of lightning arrester and the intersection of video and the intersection of line signal and the intersection of lighting arrester and technical parameter trinity lightning arrester low to clamp the voltage, fast response characteristic, there is good inhibit function on all kinds of overvoltage pulses, ensure the all-weather normal operation of the outdoor sensitive camera apparatus of indoor. Application note install on make a video recording the intersection of rifle and brand Airdun at the the intersection of video and circuit while being outdoor
[The intersection of the intersection of Al and shield ] and nominal the intersection of 5V and nominal the intersection of 5kA and the intersection of maximum and the intersection of 10kA and the intersection of 8/20Q In and core wire -

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