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GY The electron of space of Jiangxi supplies WEIPU interface unit, plug of aviation of majestic Pu in Shanghai, WEIPU industrial aviation plug from stock, the product series of WEIPU are complete, divide overallly as two major series.

The first largest series of products are under 1000V, 10A-125A industrial plug, socket, cable connector, association socket case, making the socket case, standard power box up,etc.. The products are extensively suitable for the disposition of the factory, projects such as mechanical equipment, construction site, chemical industry, port, airport, water supply and drainage and sewage disposal,etc..

The second largest series of products are WS, WP, WF, WY, SP, SF type, first class electric connector of crystal, the electric current is from 3A to 200A, the withstand voltage is from 1000V to 3000V, poles numbers are from 2 stitches to 61 stitches, the protection grade can meet various demands and environment for use from IP44 to IP68, especially good at the waterproof connection of the open air.

Majestic Pu has strong research and development ability, can develop various interface units according to the customer's special requirement. Our products are applied to the machine tool extensively, communication, electricity, light, the locomotive, different fields such as the navigation.

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