High temperature resistant 200 ¡æ weighs the sensor

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The name of product: U.S.A. Suncells high-accuracy S-shaped PSTP-H200 high temperature weighs the sensor

The use of the products: PSTP-H200 high temperature weighs the sensor and is used in the weighing under the high-temperature environment, the electronic cliver balance, machine under the for instance high-temperature environment changed all kinds of electrons such as balances, hopper balance and weighed the apparatus, and the small and exquisite installation of volume is convenient.

Products range: PSTP-100, PSTP-150, PSTP-200, PSTP-500, PSTP-700Kg, PSTP-1T
The products parameter:
Comprehensive error Total error: ¡À 0.1% F.S

Creep (30 minutes) Creep(30min) : ¡À 0.1% F.S

Sensitivity Sensitivity: 2.0¡À 0.005mV/V

Zero point balanced Zero balance: ¡À 1% F.S

The temperature of the zero point influences TCO: ¡À is 0.05% of the F.S/10 ¡æ

Input impedance Input reslstance: 400¡À 20¦¸

Export impedance Output reslstance: 352¡À 3¦¸

Insulating resistance Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 5000M¦¸

The output temperature influences TC SPAN: ¡À is 0.02% of the F.S/10 ¡æ

The temperature range Operating Temp Range of job: -10 is 200 ¡æ

Safe overload Safe load limit: 150%F.S

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