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[It is tangible that blue plucked instrument in Guangzhou ] offers U.S.A. Sensortronics 60063S-500 to weigh the price of the sensor producer's price [the first class general agent formally of China ] for a long time, quality guarantee weigh sensor, the intersection of U.S.A. and Sensortronics weigh how much Company's supplier it will be the intersection of sensor and 60063S-500, look for the blue plucked instrument in Guangzhou to offer detailed service information, welcome to send a telegram to the national service hotline to sell in batches:

TEL : 020-29048704

Fax: 020-39133900

Engineer Ye: 13112227167

Official working QQ: 1785517713

Company's address: The member of a nationality of garrison post in Tung Chung of Nansha district, Guangzhou fits for the 821st of city of a trade and business in the east of the road No. 21.

U.S.A. Sensortronics 60063S-500 calls heavy sensor the key superior products of our company, has price of absolute predominance, the stock, original packaging, normal product, reliable! Guarantee to be satisfied with price quality.

U.S.A. Sensortronics weighs the sensor product performance to describe:

U.S.A. Sensortronics weighs the sensor to authorize through NETP, CMC, PA, the safe load is 150%, wire length: 6m high-quality alloy steel products quality; It is simple and convenient, fast, stable and reliable to install; 60063S-500, Sensortronics of U.S.A., weigh sensor, suitable for the intersection of material and testing machine, the intersection of batching and balance, stir stand, the intersection of belt and balance and pack balance,etc.;

U.S.A. Sensortronics has BSS-50kg to weigh the fast-selling type of the sensor, BS-1500kg, BSS-200kg, BSS-250kg, BS-1500kg, BSS-1t, BSS-2500kg, BSS-0.5t, BSS-2t, BSS-2.5t .

Technical parameter

? Protect grade IP 67

? All-metal outer cover

? Prevention of corrosion

? The pressure of differential motion of obtaining the patent compensates the pump effect that the system can compensate the movement of the pull rod

? Antivibration performance is excellent

? Suitable for extreme environments such as the moist, oily and dust,etc.

? Dual bearing pull rods

? The univesal ball is cut with scissors, it can be large the free installation (up to ¡À 12.5o) of angle range

? Linear and excellent, up to ¡À 0.04%

? The resolution ratio is higher than 0.01 mm

? Under different application conditions, life-span is up to 50 million sports

? Optional cable or plug connection way

? If need 65 type IP, please see the LWG series products materials

? If need the protecting type of the axle, please see the 60063S-500 series products materials

U.S.A. Sensortronics weighs some types of sensor form

C2S-100t FASB-60kg FASB-100kg FASB-150kg FASB-200kg FASB-250kg FASB-300kg FASB-350kgFAS-100kg FAS-150kg FAS-200kg FAS-250kg FAS-300kg

FAN-5kg FAN-7.5kg FAN-10kg FAN-15kg FAN-20kg FAN-30kg


FAY-150kg FAY-200kg FAY-250kg FAY-300kg FAY-500kg FAY-1000kg

FAW-500g FAW-1kg FAW-1.2kg FAW-2kg FAW-2.5kg FAW-3kg FAW-5kg

60063S-500 FAT-7.5kg FAT-10kg FAT-15kg FAT-20kg FAT-30kg FAT-45kg FAT-60kg FAT-100kg

1023-35kg 1023-50kg 1023-100kg 1023-200kg

1030-2kg 1030-3kg 1030-5kg 1030-7kg 1030-10kg 1030-15kg

1040-1kg 1040-3kg 1040-5kg 1040-7kg 1040-10kg 1040-15kg 1040-20kg 1040-30kg 1040-50kg 1040-75kg 1040-100kg

1041-1kg 1041-3kg 1041-5kg 1041-7kg 1041-10kg 1041-15kg 1041-20kg 1041-30kg 1041-50kg 1041-75kg 1041-100kg1241-150kg 1241-200kg 1241-250kg

STS Company specially used in the rotary filling machine, sets up time short, resist the side to support the effective segregation foundation high, shake centrifugal force, influence two of accuracy install, select application: Rotary filling machine

U.S.A. Sensortronics calls heavy sensor the top brand of a field of the sensor, our company has sold U.S.A. Sensortronics products in China area for nearly ten years, reaches 1 billion times in its service life, linearity degree is 0.2% - 0.01%, the resolution ratio is superior to 0.01mm, its cost performance of product is far superior to the like product. U.S.A. Sensortronics products moulding plastics machine, electrical machinery kognzhi system, numerical control lathe, master console, fields such as road roller, wind-power electricity generation, corner control system, package packing machine, papermaking machinery, medical machinery, high-speed train and aviation and navigation,etc. are employed extensively.

LWH/75LWH/100 LWH/130LWH/150 LWH/175 LWH/200 LWH/225LWH/250LWH/275LWH/300LWH/325LWH/360LWH/375LWH/075 LWH/400LWH/425LWH/450LWH/500LWH/550 LWH/075LWH/600LWH/650LWH/750LWH/900

U.S.A. Sensortronics 60063S-500 showed above weighs the sensor information offered from the speciality of [the blue plucked instrument in Guangzhou ], please contact our China formally the first class agent obtain U.S.A. Sensortronics 60063S-500 and weigh the latest information of the sensor.

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