U.S.A. Tedea-120 column type weighs the sensor

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120 weighs the sensor and selects the high-quality stainless steel products for use, the metal is welded and sealed, range 5~50 t, 0.02% of comprehensive precision, protect the grade IP68, is suitable for car weighing apparatus, track scale's, axle's counting again, batching balance, tube trough are measured etc..

Name: U.S.A. specially guides inferior tedea 120 and weighs the sensor

Brand: U.S.A. TEDEA-HUNTLEIGH U.S.A. specially guides inferiorly and weighs the sensor


Range 3-50T

Stainless steel outer cover, alloy steel products quality

Defend being struck by lightning and protecting

It is simple to install

0.02% of the comprehensive errors

Make and repay the circuit in Line six

Export 0.1% of error

Protect the grade IP68

Available characteristic: Obtain ATEX EEX ia IIC T4 explosion-proof and authorize and protect the grade IP68

Employ: Car weighing apparatus Bottle balance and tube trough balance Track scale The course is weighed

The high range column type weighs the sensor type: 120-3t 120-5t 120-10t 120-20t 120-30t 120-50t

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