Recommend YBSC-A column type to weigh the sensor strongly

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U.S.A. Suncells high-accuracy YBSC-A spoke of a wheel type weighs the sensor

Use of the products

High-quality alloy steel or stainless steel material, it is simple and convenient, fast to install; Top layer plate nickel to be antiseptic to deal with, waterproof, prevention of corrosion, high precision, high stability. Suitable for the material pot balance and various pressing dynamometry occasions.

Products range
YBSC-0.05, YBSC-0.1, YBSC-0.2, YBSC-0.5, YBSC-1, YBSC-2, YBSC-5, YBSC-10, YBSC-20, YBSC-50T

Products parameter

Sensitivity Sensitivity: 2.0¡À 0.003mV/V
Comprehensive error Total error: ¡À 0.1% F.S; ¡À 0.2% F.S
Creep (30 minutes) Creep(30min) : ¡À 0.05% F.S
Zero point balanced Zero balance: ¡À 1% F.S
The temperature of the zero point influences TCO: ¡À is 0.05% of the F.S/10 ¡æ
Input impedance Input reslstance: 400¡À 10¦¸
Export impedance Output reslstance: 352¡À 2¦¸
Insulating resistance Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 5000M¦¸
The output temperature influences TC SPAN: ¡À is 0.05% of the F.S/10 ¡æ
The temperature range Operating Temp Range of job: -30 is 70 ¡æ
Safe overload Safe load limit: 150%F.S
Terminal overload Lateral load limit: 200%F.S
Recommend encouraging the voltage Recommend excitation: 10~12VDC
Encourage the voltage Maximun excitation the most largely: 15VDC
Sealed grade Protection Class: IP68
Material Construction: Alloy steel Alloy Steel
Cable Cable: Length: 3m(0.05~1T) ; 6m(2~5T) ; 12m(10~50T) Diameter: §¶ 5mm
EXC (red, Red) ; Exc- (black, Black) ; Sig (green, Green) ; Sig- (white, White)

Size picture of the products
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