Pressing the pressure sensor and pressing the pressure sensor and pressing the pressure sensor

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Pressing the pressure sensor to make up

It is a multi-functional digitized intelligent instrument developed to press the pressure sensor by oneself, pressing the pressure sensor in adopting the advanced, ripe, reliable technological foundation of electric capacity sensor in the world, combine advanced single-chip computer technology and digital switch technology of sensor and is designed in meticulously. Pressing the pressure sensor

Pressing the sensor characteristic of the pressure:

The design frame of pressing the whole pressure sensor focuses on dependability, stability, high-accuracy and intelligent, meet the requirement that industry improved day by day employs live. The digital gauge outfit can reveal the pressure, temperature, electric current three kinds of physical quantities, and 0-100% of the simulation instructions, the button is operated can finish moving, range presuming, damping of the zero point in case of not having the standard pressure source conveniently the basic parameter of presuming etc. is set up, convenient debugging live of earth very much. Signal change and signal gather and deal with and electric current export control adopting the integrated design, make the structural compactness reliable. Pressing the pressure sensor

Pressing the pressure sensor

Working voltage: 12V- 18V DC

The electric current of job: Less than or equal to 20mA

Output the signal rule: 200Hz- 1000Hz, 1mA- 5mA, 4mA- 20mA

Transmit the distance: To the substation maximum distance 2km

Measure the range: 0kPa- 200kPa

Basic error: ¡À 2%


Pressing the pressure sensor

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