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Taiwan mavin high-accuracy NB1 cantilever beam type weighs the sensor

Use of the products
High-quality aluminium alloy or alloy steel products quality, the colloidal silica is sealed densely, it is simple, swift to install, the appearance is exquisite, high precision; Main materials struggling against the balance, platform balance,etc..
Products range

NB1-100, NB1-150, NB1-200, NB1-300, NB1-500, NB1-750, NB1-1000 (kg)

Products parameter

Amount is exported 2.0 MV/V¡À 0.25%
Non-linear 0.03 %R.O.
Lagging 0.03 %R.O.
Repetitiveness 0.03 %R.O.
Creep / answer zero (30 minutes) 0.03 %R.O.
The output temperature influences 0.002 %R.O.
The temperature of the zero point influences 0.003 %R.O.
Balanced ¡À 0.0200 mV/V of zero point
Input impedance 410¡À 15 ¦¸
Export impedance 350¡À 5 ¦¸
Insulating impedance is greater than or equal to 5000 M¦¸ / (50VDC)
Safe overload rate 150 %R.O.
Terminal overload rate 200 %R.O.
Temperature range of job -20~60 ¡æ
Recommend the working voltage 5~12 VDC
The largest working voltage 15 VDC
Aluminium alloy of material
Protect the grade IP67 / IP68
Cable ¦Õ 6* 2 m
Wire the way red: , black in the power: -, green in the power: , white in the signal: Signal-

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