Star shakes HOSONIC crystal 2SB quartz crystal oscillating brilliantly for letter

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The health supplies imported Jingzhen more than the electronic speciality:
Volume: 3*8mm, 2*6mm, 1*5mm, 1*4mm, the table is brilliant, the crystal of the fork, quartz crystal resonator
Agent Japan KDS Jingzhen, quartz crystal oscillating, import Jingzhen: DST310S,DST410S,DST520S,SM-14J,DMX26S,DMX38,DSX321SL
Agent Japanese Seiko crystal, SEIKO Jingzhen, Jingzhen of Seiko, imports Jingzhen, SSP-T7-F, SSP-T2A, VT-200, SP-200T
Agent Japanese Citizen crystal, CITIZEN Jingzhen, imports Jingzhen, quartz crystal oscillating: CM315,CM415,CM200S,CM250S,CFS206
Agent Japanese Epson's Jingzhen, EPSON Jingzhen, Jingzhen of tag: FC-206,FC-255,MC-306,MC-146,MC-406,C-002RX,TSX-3225
The field resonator of agent's village of Japan: CSTCE_XK,CSALS_X,CSTLS_X,CSTLS_G,CSTCC_G,CSTCR_G
Agent Japan NDK Jingzhen: NX2520SG,NX3215SA,NX3225SA,NX5032GA,NT3225SA,NV7050SA
The Jingzhen of porcelain of agent's Beijing, Japan, KYOCERA, KSS Jingzhen: ST3215SB,KC2520M,KT3225T,KC5032A-CM,KV7050B-C3,KT3225
Agent Taiwan TXC Jingzhen, the brilliant brilliant skill of the platform: 9HT10(3215) ,7B(5032) ,7M(3225) ,7W(7050)
The Jingzhen of letter star of the agency, HOSONIC crystal: 3SB(3225) ,5SB(5032) ,7SB(7050) ,HXO-S,HXO-5,HXO-3
Jingzhen parameter: Load capacitor: 6PF, 8PF, 10PF, 12, 5PF, active Jingzhen, passive Jingzhen, the Jingzhen of Taiwan, TDK ceramic resonator, SMI Shaker
Temperature behavior: -20 degrees - - 70 degrees act for and import Jingzhen, the Jingzhen of tag, SMD Jingzhen, quartz crystal oscillating.
Piezoelectric quartz crystal, the quartz shakes the son, good large Jingzhen, increase Jingzhen, the quartz crystal ticker, ceramic ticker, wish the intersection of China and Jingzhen, great river (River) Jingzhen
Ceramic ticker, Thai skill (TAITIENO) Jingzhen, ITTI Jingzhen, CTS Shaker, Quartz OSC.
Our company supply the above-mentioned specification types completely, offset frequency can take orders, if need to understand more swan's star Jingzhen series please have a look around

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