Taiwan mavin high-accuracy S-shaped NS2 weighs the sensor

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Taiwan mavin high-accuracy S-shaped NS2 alloy steel weighs the sensor
Use of the products
High-quality aluminium alloy or alloy steel products quality, the colloidal silica is sealed densely, it is simple, swift to install, the appearance is exquisite, high precision. Main materials balance, electronic cliver balance and pulling force and pressure of fighting weigh the device etc..
Products range
NS2-1000, NS2-1500, NS2-2000, NS2-2500, NS2-3000, NS2-5000Kg
Products parameter
Amount is exported 3mv/V㊣ 0.25%
Comprehensive error 0.02% F.S.
Repetitiveness, linearity, lagging behind 0.02% F.S.
Creep ' 20 minutes) 0.02% F.S.
Zero point involution ( 20 minutes) 0.02% F.S.
The sensitivity is warm to float 0.003% F.S. / ⊥
The zero point is warm to float 0.003% F.S. / ⊥
Warm to mend the range -From 10 ⊥ to 50 ⊥
Permit the range -From 20 ⊥ to 60 ⊥
The zero point is balanced ㊣ 0.0200mv/V
Input impedance 390次㊣ 15次
Export impedance 350次㊣ 5次
Insulating impedance Greater than or equal to 5000M次
Recommend encouraging the voltage 5~12VDC
Encourage the voltage the most largely 15VDC
Overload safely 150%
Overload ultimately 300%
Material Alloy steel
Protect the grade IP65, IP66
Cable 朴 6* 6m
Mesa size Users make the size picture of the products by oneself

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