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The alloy resistance is as electric current carriers, the hindering value is perfect, the brand producer of the chip resistance of alloy of temperature stability, the security of the products, stability is obviously higher than the ordinary ceramic resistance. Metal heat conductivity is it and a great advantage of other resistance too at the same time. Because the metal strong heat conductivity of conductive rate of alloy is good, the hindering value can usually reach 0.5- 600m¦¸ very easily, can reach very large power at the same time, is often used the sample of large electric current in the circuit. The electric current used for changing in the feedback circuit, in order to further control or influence the change of the electric current. Especially in the application of power and other relevant products, transient impact electric current, short out electric current or the intersection of pulse and the intersection of electric current and the intersection of alloy and the intersection of chip and the intersection of resistance and producer produce, it is first-selected to come on, measure electric current as the intersection of electric current and medium for alloy to regard as.

Usually can divide accurate resistor, spend the alloy of resistance and generate heat the body spend the alloy of resistance with the intersection of resistance and alloy, rheostat. The heated temperature of using alloy of resistance of the accurate resistor is relatively low, are generally used at the room temperature, such as manganese copper, nickel chromium is the alloy,etc.; The rheostat does not generally exceed 500

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