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Supply of gold Lip river Company Quartz crystal oscillating: 49 / US, 49 / SSMD, 5032mm, 6035mm, 4025mm, 3225mm, the column crystal,etc. Jingzhen

The frequency is from 3, 579545MHZ ----75MHZ, among them fundamental AT cuts the range from 3, 579545MHZ ----27MHZ;

Fundamental BT cuts the range from 24MHZ ----40MHZ; The frequency difference range of the frequency: /-10PPM -- /-50PPM; Load capacitor: 12 ---50PF or connecting in series;

Driving power: 0,1 ---2M; Temperature range: -20 -----70; Resistance: 30OHM.

The products are widely used in the terminal machine of the telephone, SPC exchange, cellular telephone, Cordless Phone, the beeper,

Facsimile machine, wireless communication, microwave communication, the printer, the modem, the scanner. In the video recorder.

The camera, VCD, DVD, CD, the figure is such as the machine and digital radio. Household electrical appliance such as refrigerator, microwave oven,

Electric rice cooker, washing machine, air conditioner, the set-box,etc.. Video game player, intercommunication telephone set, report controller. The car navigates, functional control,

Electronic map, electronic position finder and car sound system. Computer (mother board, display card, display unit, hard disk) And circumference apparatus

(mouse, the keyboard, the intersection of U and set, media reader, the lens) ,High-accuracy electronic fields such as mobile phone communication, vehicle carried GPS, transmission over radio of bluetooth,etc.

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