The crystal CM519 of Citizen is imported Jingzhen tag CITIZEN

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Contacts: Jingzhen kingdom - Liu Yong
Telephone: 86-0755-27838351
Fax: 86-0755-27883106
Mobile Phone: 8613823300879MSN:
Address: The district of Shenzhen Baoan district 67 stays on 3 of the 5th floor of the bank Scien-tech gardens of No. first one of celestial being
Zip: 518101

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Citizen table is brilliant: CM212, CM315, CM415, CM519, CM200S, CM250S, CMJ206, CMR200T, CFS-206, CFS-146, CFV-206 Jingzhen
Quartz crystal oscillating: CS325, CS325H, CS10, CS20, CM309S, HCM49, CSA-310, CSA-309, HC-49U, HC-49/US, Jingzhen of tag
Active Jingzhen: CSX-3225,CSX-750F,CSX-325M,CSX-325P,CSX-750P,CSX-750V,CSX252T,CSX-325T,CSX-532T,CSX-532TA
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