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Resistor electric assembly or electronic devices and components, flow component with certain impedance to electric current, the resistor can adjust and control the size of the electric current and voltage in the circuit. Resistance the intersection of impedance and flowability in electric current will produce, inhibit, lead to the fact, drop in voltage . The resistor is applied to the electric and electronic circuit and designed extensively

? In the electric or electronic circuit design, the resistor can construct a known pressing the relation between lowering or electric current - voltage. If in the circuit, has know (electric current measures ampere A) the electric current Flaky resistance classification, then the resistor can be used for establishing a known electric potential difference (voltage difference) ,The electric potential difference is proportional to electric current. The opposite flaky resistance is discerned, in the circuit, if two pieces of nodal voltage are lowered (the difference of electric potential) Have already known, then the resistor can be used for establishing a known electric current, the electric current is proportional to electric potential difference

The resistance uses " R " in the circuit It shows the flaky resistance to add figures, for instance: R1 shows and numbers as the resistance of 1. The main function of the resistance in the circuit is: Shunting, limit flowing, partial pressure, setovering,etc..

First, parameter are discerned: The unit of the resistance is ohm (¦¸) Flaky the intersection of resistance and person who hinder discern method, time lead unit as follows, a thousand Europe (K¦¸) ,Promise Europe (M¦¸) When. The conversion method is:

A Europe =1 million Europe =1000000 Europe 1M=1000K=1000000s


The hindrance of the conductor to electric current is applied and called the resistance, use the letter " R " Show, the base unit of the resistance is " ohm " .

Resistance function: And partial pressure flow in load resistance, limit

The main parameter of the resistance: Resistance value, rated power, error range,etc.

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