The intersection of KSD301 and temperature-controled the intersection of switch and getting temperature-controled temperature switch of jumping etc. suddenly

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KSD301 temperature-controled switch, the jumping warm accusing of device suddenly, the temperature switch

KSD301 temperature-controled switch, warm person who accuse of of jumping etc. suddenly, the intersection of temperature and switch, stable precision high to have performance and volume little and quantity light and dependability high longe-lived and to the intersection of radio interference and characteristic such as being little.

Technical parameter:
1,Electric parameter: AC125V15A 16A 10A 5A; AC250V 10A 15A 16A
2,The temperature range of movement: 0~270 ¡æ, temperature precision: ¡À 2, ¡À 3, ¡À 5, ¡À is 10 ¡æ
3,It is bad to reply with the movement temperature: 8~100 ¡æ is (optional) ,It is generally 15-25 ¡æ
4,Wire the way: 6.3 is inserted to 250 #s end sons (curved 0~90 degrees availably) ; It is available to insert to 187 #s end sons (curved 0~90 degrees 4.8, the thickness 0.5, 0.8mm is available)
5,Service life: Hindering load: 100,000 times, support perceptually: 6,000 times

6,Electric intensity: AC the intersection of 50Hz and 1800V last 1min, have, glimmer, puncture
7,Exposed to the resistance: Less than or equal to 50m¦¸
8,Insulating resistance: Less than or equal to 100M¦¸
9,Joint form: Often closing type: The temperature rises, the disconnection of contact, the temperature drops, the contact is put through;
Often opening type: The temperature rises, the contact is put through, the temperature drops, the disconnection of contact
10,The outer cover shelter grade: IP00
11,The place connecting type: Link with earthing metal part of the device through the metal outer cover of warm accusing of device.
12,Install the way: Ordinary activity ring, little round activity ring, install the dull and stereotyped activity ring, bring the mounting hole an big ordinary aluminium lid, take the mounting hole to extend the aluminium lid. Can customize according to customer's demand.

Pack information:

A case =5 small boxes, a small box =400, a case =5*400 =2000, can also be according to customer's demand packaging

The products are authorized:


1,While adopting the temperature sensing contacting type to install, should make the metal cover the surface to stick the installation that is accused of the utensil closely, in order to guarantee the temperature sensing result, should spread silicon lipoprotein of heat conduction or similar heat conduction medium of other performance on the surface of temperature sensing.
2,Can't press covering on the top of surface and collapse, become flexible or out of shape while installing, so as not to influence performance.
3,Can't let the liquid permeate through the controlling the temperature device inside, can't make the outer cover appear in the crackle, can't change the shape of connecting the end son at will.
4,The products are used in the circuit greater than 5A electric current, should choose the core section of copper to be 0. 5-1mm2 wire connected; Not greater than the circuit of 10A electric current to use, should choose the core section of copper to connect for 0.75-1.5mm2 wire.
5,The products should be smaller than 90% in the relative humidity, under 40 ¡æ of ambient temperature is ventilated, been clean, dried, not preserved in the warehouse of gas of corrosivity.

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