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Switch power producer /prosperous if you can't gather, if you can't create, support /12V the powers right to mix / switch power producer

It is a specialized switch power producer that the switch power producer Shenzhen is prosperous to gather and create Science Technologies Co., Ltd., LED light takes the power, Monitor power, power adapter, TV power, note-book power adapter, 12V switch power, the adapter is sold in batches, 12V power adapter, the manufacturer of the electronic voltage transformer. All products adopt IC scheme of the high cost performance, performance is steady. Welcome the incoming telegram to negotiate. Switch power producer

Shenzhen is prosperous to gather and create front Shenzhen of Guangdong Province that Science Technologies Co., Ltd. lies in reform and opening-up, it is one specialized the intersection of switch and power, the intersection of power and adapter, LED that drive design, Hi-Tech enterprise run by the local people produced, sold and served of power. Adapter of company's main production and management, all kinds of power, power of switch, LCD TV power, the intersection of LCD Monitor and power, the intersection of note-book and the intersection of power and adapter, electronic the intersection of fire and ox, electronic voltage transformer, the intersection of LED and light drive power, the intersection of LED and light flow power,etc. while being permanent, the most products of our company have already passed safety certifications and efficiency standards of various countries such as CCC, CB, GS, CE, UL, FCC, PSE, SAA, C-Tick, EK, ERP, the products find a good sale in all parts of the world!
It is the management theory of the company to be high-efficient and practical, unite to respect work, bent on making progress, honest, prosperous to gather, create people, repay the friends from all walks of life with high-quality products, high service of satisfaction! Prosperous to gather and achieve science and technology, do your most satisfactory switch power products!
Is consulted and negotiated to welcome the friends from all walks of life to come!
Contact: Mr. Zhang Mobile: 18923415953 QQ: 670273302
Contact: Mr. Zhu Mobile: 18922842045 QQ: 151325708
Company's website: http://szxjcpower.cn.alibaba.com
The characteristic of the products:
1.The power adapter adopts IC scheme of the famous brand, performance is steady, the bad rate is extremely low, use the bad rate to be smaller than 3бы;
2.The power is smaller than 0.3W to await the opportune moment;
3.It is overall to protect the function, there are protection, overvoltage protection resuming shorting out, cross flowing to protect and cross warmly and protect the function;
4.Environmentally safe products, reduce the damage to environment and user;
Applicable products:
1.The products can be used as LCD TV power adapter, LCD Monitor power adapter, dull and stereotyped computer power adapter, audio amplifier power adapter, LED light a power adapter, products power adapter of the communication, body-building apparatus power adapter, roof box power adapter, anion generator power adapter, gush out one yard of machine power adapters etc..
Power adapter daily specification 5V 3.5A, 6V 3.5A, 9V 3.5A, 12V 3A, 15V 2.4A, 24V 1.5A,etc., hand in for 7 days shortest! This power of adapter products are standard products of company, the daily material company all prepares against the stock, can deliver in accordance with customer's requirement within short time, the shortest delivery date is 7 days, the general delivery date is 10~15 days.
Switch power producer

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