Taiwan mavin high-accuracy NA6 weighs the sensor

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Some types of Taiwan mavin high-accuracy NA6 aluminium alloy form weigh the sensor

Characteristic and use
High-quality aluminium alloy material, the colloidal silica is sealed densely, it is simple, swift to install, the appearance is exquisite, high precision. Used mainly for valuating the balance, count the balance, balance balance and small mesa platform balance etc..
Products range
NA6-0.3, NA6-0.5, NA6-0.6, NA6-0.75, NA6-1, NA6-2, NA6-3, NA6-4, NA6-5, NA6-7, NA6-10( kg)
Detailed parameter
Amount is exported (0.85~1.15) mV/V
Non-linear 0.02 F.S
Lagging 0.02 F.S
Repeated 0.02 F.S
Creep (5 minutes) 0.02 %F.S
The output temperature influences 0.002 F.S / ⊥
The temperature of the zero point influences 0.003 F.S / ⊥
The zero point is balanced ㊣ 0.0200 mV/V
Input impedance 410㊣ 15次; 1130㊣ 30次
Export impedance 350㊣ 5次; 1000㊣ 10次
Insulating impedance Greater than or equal to 5000 M次
Safe overload rate 150 %F.S
Terminal overload rate 200 %F.S
Temperature range of job - 20~60 ⊥
Recommend the working voltage 5~12 VDC
The largest working voltage 15 VDC
Material Aluminium alloy
Protect the grade IP66 /IP67
Cable 耳 3* 30 cm
Mesa size 200* 200 mm
Wire the way red: , black in the power: -, green in the power: , white in the signal: Signal-

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