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The expensive alloy of the alloy resistance samples the brand factory Shang of the chip resistance, usually use the thick membrane resistance of high precision instead of using, will use the alloy resistance only in the top-grade power. The direction in which PCB should pay attention to the resistance while piecing together the board, the direction is incorrect, will cause some unexpected situation appearances, after such as piecing together the board to cut apart, the resistance is damaged, use the resistance some time later gratuitously to damage etc..

Pad of resistance it designs to be very important, for use whom crest welded (weld the surface at the place where connected on edge of the electrode and circuit board mainly) ,Generally use the standard storehouse to sample the chip resistance producer to sell directly as alloy, use the pad (reflux weld the surface and mainly lie below resistance electrode) that the reflux of the soldering paste welds correspondingly Also should it takes to be little about 20%-30%, soldering tin after all money than the standard one.

Design, as to power, general resistance propose, use over 1M the intersection of resistance and alloy sample the intersection of chip and trader who produces resistance, the pollution on the circuit board, temperature and humidity cause the obvious change of the hindering value of resistance in a moment.

While using the resistor, need understanding its main parameter. Need to the resistor to know it marks and weighs hindering value, power, allowing to offset. Mark claiming value and allowing to offset and generally all mark on the body of resistance of the resistor, usually only stamp and mark the calling value on the circuit diagram.

1. Mark the law directly: It is to mark the mark claiming value of the resistor on the body of resistance directly with figure and characters symbol to mark the law directly, it allows to offset and is indicated by percentage.

2. The symbolic method of the characters: Characters symbolic method the intersection of mark and person who claim and allow, lean towards difference, make up, mark in resistance at the body according to certain law with figure and the intersection of characters and symbolic method of resistor.

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