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Recommend editor's alloy resistance is that one kind adopt alloy as the resistance of the electric current medium, generally have low hindering value, high-accuracy, the low coefficient of temperature, shock-resistant electric current, characteristics such as high-power,etc.. This kind of resistance is common in all kinds of electronic products, mainly sample on the electric current, or short out and use while protecting etc..

Stick the alloy resistance of one scene of types about the alloy resistance of the material editor's mainstream. The main material of the alloy is copper, in addition, other materials sample the flaky resistance as alloy of constantan, manganese copper,etc.. Numerous other auxiliary materials, but main performance is decided by own alloy material.

Use editor's alloy resistance of the alloy resistance because the metal conductive rate is strong, so the hindering value is generally lower like 1 milliohm, 10 milliohms of alloy sample flaky resistance brand factory Shang, 100 milliohms,etc.. Often used in the sample of electric current in the circuit. The alloy of electric current used for changing in the feedback circuit has any brand to sample the flaky resistance, in order to further control or influence the change of the electric current.

Products mainly used, for instance: Battery fender, power, frequency converter, the alloy of lamps and lanterns samples factory's family of the flaky resistance, electrical machinery,etc..

Editor's manufacturing process of alloy resistance of manufacturing process is grasped on a few manufacturer hands, have international monopolies. Different factory goods quality differ greatly, very different.

The largest working voltage: Mean the resistor works for a long time without the overheated or voltage when the voltage is punctured happens;

Stability performance: A kind of intensity of meaning the resistance changes its hindering value because of external environmental impact describes that is generally involved in temperature, humidity, voltage,etc.;

Different circuit requires different one to the parameter of the resistance

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