Import great vaccum Jingzhen Quartz crystal DSX320G

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It regard as silk jade electron Japan old and vaccum Corporation,(KDS) The commission agent of the brand, tell you here, choose KDS brand Jingzhen to be the decision that you rest assured, the products of all of KDS Jingzhen accord with the standard in environment protecting mode of European Union, adopt the rigorous management system within KDS, regard environmental protection of the earth as the idea, all quartz crystal oscillating products produced are to terrestrial pollution with the possible reduction, so KDS products are all unleaded environmental protection,

KDS Jingzhen products characteristic tag Jingzhen is small, ultrathin quartz crystal resonator, especially suitable for having advanced electron digital products of high-speed development at present, because the domain of market of one's own miniaturization demand of Jingzhen, small-scale? Slim to correspond to ceramic resonator ' The deflection is great) With the ordinary quartz crystal resonator ' The deflection is small) Middle for products of kind sexual valence getting more outstanding of field.