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SRGA series SRGAV80601 SRGAVC0301 SRGAVQ1100 SRGAR10100 use All white domestic appliances Navigation system, car stereo set

SRGA series SRGAVC0301 rotates the torsion 20¡À 10mN m operation direction Vertical outputs the Gray position several 12 of code and switches over 30 degrees of angles type Standard (Hollow shaft) Minimum order unit (pcs.) 1,680 uses the temperature range -10 ¡æ to 70 ¡æ greatest amount / minimum amount (resistance is supported) It last resistance performance 0.1A 12V DC/50¦Ì A is 3V DC electric ' for initial stage /behind life-span) 1¦¸ max./1¦¸ max. insulating resistance 100M¦¸ min. 100V DC able to bear the intersection of 1 minute and mechanical performance, 100V AC for of voltage, carry sub the intersection of 1 minute and axle, 5N for of intensity, push away, draw intensity 100N able to bear shaking performance 10 to 55 to 10Hz/ Divide, the whole amplitude 1.5mm, X.Y.Z 3 direction welds heat-resisting performance and welds 350¡À 10 ¡æ by hand in 2 hours respectively, 3( 1, 0) S soaks and welds 260¡À 5 ¡æ, 10¡À 1s durable performance supports 10,000 cycles and has not supported 10,000 cycles (0.1A 12V DC) It is able to bear wet performance 40¡À 2 ¡æ to able to bear cold-resistant performance of environmental performance - 20¡À 2 ¡æ for 96h heat-resisting performance 85¡À 2 ¡æ for 96h, 90 to 95%RH for 96h

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