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Size series stick to slices of the intersection of resistance and series have 7 the intersection of size and thick the intersection of membrane and flaky resistance brand of prevention of corrosion generally, express with two kinds of size codes. A kind of size code is EIA (the American association of electronics industry) expressed by 4 digits The code, the top two and the last two show the flaky resistance of long and wide prevention of corrosion of the resistance respectively, in units of inch. Another kind of metric code, say by 4 digits thick the intersection of membrane and flaky resistance of prevention of corrosion authorize for dispatch too, its unit is millimetre. The resistance of different size, the specified value of its power is different too. Table 1 lists the codes of these 7 kinds of resistance size and specified value of the power.

SUP sticks to a resistance in power supply, industry automation equipment and flaky resistance manufacturer of prevention of corrosion of thick membrane of the commercial automation equipment suitable for all patterns, such as the electric system equipment constantly, the motor of the low torsion controls the apparatus, apparatus of the audio frequency, high-speed communication apparatus, temperature controller, HVAC air conditioning, instrument and apparatus are monitored with checkout equipment and aviation electronic instrument apparatus. It is applying to the high and sulfurized environment that SUP sticks to another noticeable application characteristic of a resistance, make it have long and steady characteristics under the environment of this, the resistance is unlikely to cause the damage of the resistance because sulfide is corroded. SUP stick to scenes of the intersection of characteristic and high power of resistance, resist sulfide and steady degree for a long time, make application its across the intersection of foot and the intersection of car and electron, the intersection of industry and employ and serious electric the intersection of industry and apparatus.

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