EVND8AA03B54( 50K)

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EVND8AA03B54( 50K) EVND8AA03B54( 50K)

The intersection of our company and the intersection of agency and the intersection of Panasonic and adjustable resistance, EVND2AA, EVND8AA the adjustable resistance is inserted direct, EVM3ES, EVM2NS sticks to a slice of resistance, the adjustable electric capacity series TZC3 in the village field, BOURNS accurate potentiometer, Spanish potentiometer, S.Korean electric capacity, the fine setting resistance, variable resistance, stick to one slice of potentiometers, the resistance of the plug-in package, enclose more potentiometers, enclose the potentiometer only, adjustable potentiometer,etc..

Panasonic Panasonic 6*6MM adjustable resistance divides for the horizontal adjustable resistance (series EVND8AA) of the plug-in package With the vertical adjustable resistance (series EVND2AA) . The commonly used hindering value has the following types:

Japan original packaging series EVND8AA:

EVND8AA03B12 (100次) , EVND8AA03B13 (1K次) , EVND8AA03B14 (10K次) , EVND8AA03B15 (100K次) , EVND8AA03B16 (1M次) , EVND8AA03B22 (200次) , EVND8AA03B23 (2K次) , EVND8AA03BE3 (2.2K次) , EVND8AA03B24 (20K次) , EVND8AA03B25 (200K次) , EVND8AA03B32 (300次) , EVND8AA03B33 (3K次) , EVND8AA03BQ3 (4.7K次) , EVND8AA03B34 (30K次) , EVND8AA03B52 (500次) , EVND8AA03B53 (5K次) , EVND8AA03B54 (50K次) , EVND8AA03B55 (500K次) .

Japan original packaging series EVND2AA:

EVND2AA03B12 (100次) , EVND2AA03B13 (1K次) , EVND2AA03B14 (10K次) , EVND2AA03B15 (100K次) , EVND2AA03B16 (1M次) , EVND2AA03B22 (200次) , EVND2AA03B23 (2K次) , EVND2AA03BE3 (2.2K次) , EVND2AA03B24 (20K次) , EVND2AA03B25 (200K次) , EVND2AA03B32 (300次) , EVND2AA03B33 (3K次) , EVND2AA03B34 (30K次) , EVND2AA03BY4 (33K次) , EVND2AA03B52 (500次) , EVND2AA03B53 (5K次) , EVND2AA03B54 (50K次) , EVND2AA03B55 (500K次) .

The standard is packed: Minimum 500 / bag, 5000 / box, the plastic color is orange, place of production Malaysia, all accord with ROHS standard. The horizontal adjustable resistance PCB board pin hole location is 5X5mm, the vertical adjustable resistance PCB board pin hole location is 2.5X5mm

Japan original packaging series EVM3ES:

EVM3ESX50B12( 100R) , EVM3ESX50B13( 1K) , EVM3ESX50B14( 10K) , EVM3ESX50B15( 100K) , EVM3ESX50B16( 1M) , EVM3ESX50B22( 200R) , EVM3ESX50B23( 2K) , EVM3ESX50B24( 20K) , EVM3ESX50B25( 200K) , EVM3ESX50B32( 300R) , EVM3ESX50B33( 3K) , EVM3ESX50B34( 30K) , EVM3ESX50B52( 500R) , EVM3ESX50B53( 5K) , EVM3ESX50B54( 50K) , EVM3ESX50B55( 500K) , EVM3ESX50BE3 (2.2K) , EVM3ESX50BY3 (3.3K) , EVM3ESX50BQ3 (4.7K) , EVM3ESX50BE4( 22K) , EVM3ESX50BY4( 33K) , EVM3ESX50BQ4( 47K)

Japan original packaging series EVM2NS:

EVM2NSX80B12( 100R) , EVM2NSX80B13( 1K) , EVM2NSX80B14( 10K) , EVM2NSX80B15( 100K) , EVM2NSX80B16( 1M) , EVM2NSX80B22( 200R) , EVM2NSX80B23( 2K) , EVM2NSX80B24( 20K) , EVM2NSX80B25( 200K) , EVM2NSX80B32( 300R) , EVM2NSX80B33( 3K) , EVM2NSX80B34( 30K) , EVM2NSX80B52( 500R) , EVM2NSX80B53( 5K) , EVM2NSX80B54( 50K) , EVM2NSX80B55( 500K) , EVM2NSX80BE3 (2.2K) , EVM2NSX80BY3 (3.3K) , EVM2NSX80BQ3 (4.7K) , EVM2NSX80BE4( 22K) , EVM2NSX80BY4( 33K) , EVM2NSX80BQ4( 47K)
The products adopt Panasonic Panasonic trade mark, apply fields such as automation equipment and information communication apparatus,etc. to television, video cassette recorder, MP3, Mp4, VCD machine, DVD machine, telephone, work extensively.

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