Sensor GPD10 pressure capsule of the pressure

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The pressure sensor GPD10 pressure capsule colliery uses the pressure capsule

The pressure capsule can carry on continuous monitoring to zmxx007 differential pressure that the air blower of the mine, air door are airtight ventilating the tunnel etc.. It can reveal the differential pressure value of the measuring point in the real time and place, can and monitoring system compatible in domestic other colliery also except cooperating and using with the monitoring system of KJ102 colliery of our company.

The main technology of the pressure capsule:

The working voltage of the pressure capsule: 12V- 18V DC

The working current of the pressure capsule: Less than or equal to 55MA pressure capsule

The outcoming signal rule of the pressure capsule: 200HZ- 1000HZ

The transmission distance of pressure capsule: 2KM

The measurement limit of pressure capsule: 0KPA- 10KPA pressure capsule

Elementary error: ¡À 2%

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