RF52-225M-8/4J starts and adjusts the resistor

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RF52-225M-8/4J starts and adjusts the resistor

About products:

It is the hoisting machinery (metallurgical hoist that start adjusts the resistor, the gantry, harbour machine, tower machine, mining hoisting machine, the winch,etc.) The related high-power resistor of the alternating-current dynamo, the ones that are used mainly in the start, braking of the electrical machinery and adjust are used.

The use of the products:

This resistor is used mainly in the hoist and similar to the common resistor of S3, S4 and S5 duty that the hoisting apparatus matches the YZR series electric motors, it is suitable for exchanging 50HZ, the voltage neutralizes the control device (reject) to the circuit of 660V Cooperate, the start, speed governing and braking of the control motor.

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