Seiko shakes VT-200-F Jingzhen brilliantly

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SEIKO is a abbreviation of Japan Jingzhen manufacturer Seiko Instruments Inc., become SII too. SII has terminal mechanical technology in the world. Except famous the intersection of quartz watch and manufacturer in the world, produce the intersection of computer and printer at the same time. Make electronic devices and components, in this respect of quartz vibrator, what SII did too is very outstanding, at present, can be competitive in the whole world and grade with Japanese Seiko Jingzhen, there is only Japan big vaccum KDS.

SEIKO was produced The intersection of quartz crystal oscillating and type numerous, but quality absolutely can " match in excellence or beauty " with Nissan, loud brand .

Type introduction

About Seiko SEIKO four introductions of quartz crystal oscillating

Seiko the intersection of agency and commercial city of Jingzhen know Seiko commonly used frequency belong to 32.768KHZ, so Seiko Jingzhen is usually known as Seiko table brilliantly.

The Jingzhen that is used on the clock, 32.768K is the most common on the digital circuit board, become a clock customer and often select fork Jingzhen that used as VT-200-F, the intersection of Jingzhen and volume this only there is 2*6mm ' Corresponding KDS is DT-26) ,Has adopted peculiar photoetching technique, and capsulate small-scaly and tubular, the frequency offered is 32.768kHz¡À 10ppm / ¡À 20ppm, the load capacitor is 6.0pF or 12.5pF.

Jingzhen Seiko SSP-T7-F that the mobile phone applies to couldn't be more suitable in life. Extremely light and thin Jingzhen of tag. The volume reaches 7.0*1.5mm. Can equate with a rice. Suitable for being used in the surface mounting of the high density, it adopts the plastic model to capsulate and design, there is high-reliability tubular quartz crystal inside, the frequency 32.768KHZ offered, the load capacitor is 6.0pF or 12.5pF.

Metal-cased use the intersection of VT-200-F and cylindrical Jingzhen during capsulation can give play to better than ceramic package impact resistance. Possess fine heat resistance, is able to bear the environmental characteristic, fine electric property.

Besides the cylindrical Jingzhen of the volume 2*6, also research and develop minimum lightest fork Jingzhen in Seiko, the volume only has 4.7*1.2mm (VT-120-F) . But it is more expensive that the price of Jingzhen of this card compares VT-200-F unit price.

Second only to 4.7*1.2mm (VT-120-F) another sincerely ,It is 1.5*5.0mm (VT-150-F) Some bigger tag Jingzhen SSP-T2A of a volume of Seiko, the characteristic that there is Jingzhen of this tag: The high-accuracy surface sticks to the lamellar crystal resonator heat-resisting, vibration-resistant and able to bear striking etc. the fine one and is able to bear the environmental characteristicking. Volume 8.7*3.7mm, capsulates the Jingzhen of tag for four feet.

Seiko SEIKO already been listed in the whole world In enterprise's list of the top ten of Jingzhen trade. Seiko SEIKO group invested 15,300,000 dollars to build the production base at home in 2012. The more largely one has remedied the domestic market to the crystalline demand of high side.

Crystal ticker

Crystal ticker / MHz crystal ticker;

Sound fork-type crystal ticker / kHz crystal ticker; 32.768KHZ Jingzhen;

The basic wave inhibits ¥ª©`¥Ð¥È©`¥ó's crystal ticker / MHz crystal ticker;

Crystal ticker / MHz crystal ticker <¥«©`¥¨¥ì¥¯¥È¥í¥Ë¥¯¥¹ is used > ;

Sound fork-type crystal ticker / kHz crystal ticker <¥«©`¥¨¥ì¥¯¥È¥í¥Ë¥¯¥¹ is used

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