The alloy samples the chip resistance The alloy samples the brand SUP beautiful grand electron of the chip resistance

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Which it is very important alloy that resistance is designed in the pad to sample the resistance brand of the chip to have, to the one that use the crest to weld (weld the surface at the place where edge of the electrode and circuit board are connected mainly) ,Generally use the standard storehouse to sample factory's family of resistance brand of the chip as alloy, use the pad (reflux weld the surface and mainly lie below resistance electrode) that the reflux of the soldering paste welds correspondingly It is smaller by about 20%-30% than the standard one.

Resistance, is indicated by symbol R. Its most basic function is to hinder the flow of electric current. Two most basic parameters of weighing the resistor are hindering value and power. Person who hinder used for, show resistor hinder the intersection of size and alloy of function from sample chip to electric current what brand resistance have, indicated by ohm

The electric current reaction resistance (electric current measures the resistance, stick a slice of resistance with alloy of low hindering value) : This is that SUP American grand electron researches and develops the group and uses unique material characteristic and flair, produce the level a match for the big factory of the world, the alloy of high-quality low hindering value samples the chip resistance, the low hindering value is from 0.001R-0.999R, warm to float (TCR) 100PPM-600PPM,is it portable to apply computer / host computer to and if you can't last control panel / power, supply to all kinds of for the board / screen / mobile phones /power module,etc.

The alloy samples the chip resistance, the alloy samples factory's family of resistance brand of the chip, SUP beautiful grand electron offered by SUP beautiful grand electron. Originally information from: American grand Electronics Co., Ltd. ( of Shenzhen Offer, we are members of trader's alliance, sincere supplier that the whole network authorized. Welcome to contact us, contact: Liu abundant

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