New V word M word light ornament lamp (ZY-235)

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The light of the bar: It is a new desk lamp on the market, built-in storage battery, LED luminous lighting products have no flame, without soot, does not generate heat, environmental protection and energy saving, the desk lamp prevails at present, there are its good characteristics.

Advantage of the light of the bar
First. Safe
Bar light make built-in storage battery, the intersection of LED and luminous lighting, have flame use, there is no soot, use safe environmental protection, can prevent the fire hidden danger of the bar effectively.
Two. Environmental protection and energy saving
Can charge and recycle, the built-in storage battery can charge and discharge and use for 300-500 times, the lighting hours of highlight is 24 hours, it is lighted for reachable 50 hours, is increasing application safety factor, reduce while fire that pale, also reduced the use cost. Power consumptive the intersection of power and 3W electricity 300 hour more chargeable for a time charge.
Third. Have long performance life
(Can generally use for about, longer than the general electronic candle 3 years, built-in one LED of ordinary electronic candle lamp, scraps and can't reuse if bad)
Four. And the fashion that the appearance is brief
The outer cover uses ABS the first day of the lunar month glue material, easy to clean and put, indefectible, sturdy and duable.
Five. The applicable scope is wide
LED charges the desk lamp is suitable for the bar, KTV box, the stage, DISCO, art performance, night club, family Party, discotheque, guides, dancing hall, KTV box, coffee shop, Western food restaurant, bedroom, camp etc. in the field.
Six. The light is high quality
LED desk lamp of the new, 8 built-in LED diodes, (but the ordinary electronic candle only includes one LED) ,Have guaranteed it is shiny and even, the light energetic luminance is higher like this.
Seven. Customizable
But own Logo of the print each bar and information such as the heat ray of making a reservation according to the needs of customer, so reflect the individual character further, stress oneself, out of the common.
Origin of the light of the bar
Light series of the bar
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Name or description: LED ornament lamp of desk lamp of desk lamp intention charges the desk lamp at the intention bar
LED bar light of the desk lamp
Operation time: Highlight is pale 48 hours for 24 hours
Service voltage: DC4V
Color: Warm and white ' The candle power is yellow)
Colour temperature: 2800 K
Luminous flux: max 20 Lm
Maximum power: 0.35W
Maximum current: 100mA
Product specification: 105*100*78mm
Desk lamp weight: 400g
Charge the thinking highly of amount: 45g
The electric quantity of storage battery: 1200mAh
Charger parameter: DC4V 500mA charger power, 110-230V exchanges
Charging duration: 3 hour power consumptive 3W for a time electricity chargeable to pack the specification 300 hours power charge: 22.5*18.5*11cm/1PCS
The specification of the external box: 69.5*36.5*57.5/27PCS
Dustcoat material: ABS

Pack: Box
Type: ZY-154
Specification: 105*100*78
Output: 999\ it
The customs numbers: 84
Trade mark: Lamp decoration of purple musical sound
Use: Ornamental
Protection grade: IP68
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 220V
Shiny color: Panchromatic
Diffuser plate: Polycarbonate
Lamp holder material: Inferior gram force
Electric current type: AC
Authorize: CE

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