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Our company LED smallpox shot-light adopts the pure aluminium lamp, the surface passes the anodising, esthetic and firm, built-in and high-efficient, energy-conserving, macrobiotic high-power LED light source, the life-span is as long as more than 50,000 hours, this serial lamps and lanterns can be applicable to all kinds of public place, the hotel, eat the city, the shop, the exhibition hall of the car, the brand monopolized shop, the department store, the supermarket, the museum, the office building, all places that needs lighting such as the Art Museum are a kind of fashion, energy-conserving, the photoelectric products in environment protecting mode.
LED lamps and lanterns advantage produced
1 economize on electricity: LED 90% than incandescent lamp electric-saving, than electricity-saving lamp electric-saving 50%.
2 environmental protection: The traditional lamps and lanterns have lead, the electricity-saving lamp has mercury, very harmful to human body and environment; LED unleaded mercury-free, does not have any injury to the human body, it is green environmentally safe products.
3 non-stroboscopic: The traditional lamps and lanterns are stroboscopic, harmful to eyes, especially teenagers endanger greatly. LED is driven by the constant current, non-stroboscopic, does not have any injury, protection eyes of teenagers and children that it can be very good to eyes.
4 does not have ultraviolet ray, infrared rays: The traditional lamps and lanterns illumination is ultraviolet ray and infrared rays, and the ultraviolet ray is harmful to the human body, LED does not have ultraviolet ray, infrared rays.
5 is longe-lived: The life-span of the incandescent lamp has 1000 hours only, the life-span of the electricity-saving lamp has 2000 to 8000 hours only, and the life-span of LED has 80,000 to 100,000 hours.
6 has no heat: The traditional lamps and lanterns can be with high heat radiation in luminous while, the irradiated object can be out of shape to fade, and LED is the cold light source, the light has no heat, do not have any influence on the object.
7 is sturdy and duable: Because LED capsulates with the epoxy resin package or high temperature resistant silica gel, there is very strong flexibility, not afraid of getting rid of falling not afraiding of pushing, sturdy and duable.
8 colour rendering is high: LED colour rendering up to more than 85, is illuminated object color lifelikely.
9 wide-voltage, the luminance is adjustable: The voltage can be common from 80V to 240V, the luminance is adjustable.
10 colors are changeable: But unicolor, very polychromed.
11 constant current is tall in precision: LED illumination drives the power to drive by constant current, the level of the precision of constant current is that very important quality of LED lamps and lanterns judges the standard. This product drives the power to adopt the IC wafer of the famous company of U.S.A., the Japanese rubylith electric capacity, use the most advanced circuit design of the world at present, the precision of constant current reaches 99%, (there are more than 70% the precision of constant current of the general LED products in our country) ,Make the drive power of this product reach the world-lead level.
12 multi-type protection, this product, all adopt the internationally famous producer component, have excessive load, overvoltage, short out, open a way, defend being struck by lightning and resisting many kinds of protection such as surging, guarantee the life of product of our company is longer, the characteristic is more steady.

Type: CE-Y-032LL-3
Output: 100000
Trade mark: SHWANDA is auspicious to enlarge Damien
Colour temperature: Warm and smooth
Use: Room lighting
Protection grade: IP54
Power: Alternating current
Life-span: 50,000h
Input voltage: 85-265V
Shiny color: Panchromatic
Diffuser plate: PC/PVC
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: DC
Authorize: CE

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