LED full-color display screen

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Photoelectric Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise incorporating researching and developing, producing, selling, serving into an organic whole that Shenzhen stands erect well. Lamp decoration of LED full-colourful display screen, LED indoor and outdoor the company staples. Led city brightens and is sold to abroad, company registered capital 30 million, the staff are 350. Company influential, registered capital professional intensity come on, say, rank the first for Shenzhen!
And presumed that what led photoelectric Division is directed primarily to is global market. The technical backbone of the company is the professional personage engaged in LED trade at the end of last century now, there are profuse research and development and practical experience, basic principle on prevailing to the market and routine led display screen, imaging principle on led display screen, it all have deep understanding that there are problem and solution met in very deep understanding, LED display screen using process in designs of led circuit board on display screen. Management teams imbued with, innovate, dare, rise to the challenge, it has abundant experience of management and intelligent electron technology and system development to be empirical electron industry elite make up while being batch. The company insists on regarding human-oriented, sincerity as the cooperative foundation of the business, hand in the foundation stone that a friend is enterprise's development in line with a form business. Encourage the staff to give full play to their ability and intelligence and latent energy to the respects of staff, do, offer chance that display one's ability to staff by all strength, make it grow up with enterprise jointly.
China can will call the intersection of low-end and processing base of products, the status in the world slow slow the intersection of transformation and the intersection of Southeast Asia and all country, the influence of the economic crisis, relatively there is certain touching in the economy of countries all over the world, you can not rob market developing steps on the photoelectric LED display screen of standing erect well while fighting for me, the front of the new leader of China is saved, the change of the policy of the room rate can not block either, let all national people in the world have a new understanding, China, in order to get rid of the influence of the economic crisis on living, propose a series of policy, it expands domestic demand to be the the intersection of torsion and economic most important breakthrough point of situation, the energy question is a current society's most responsive topic, with the unstability of the price of petroleum, some European countries, through forbidding using the daylight lamp to solve the energy problem, replace the daylight lamp with led light and realize the energy-conserving purpose. The degree of attention to new energy-conserving products of China is not second to some countries of Europe, and the most important thing of the energy-conserving products of this year is placed on this respect of the relevant application products of led recently, so media's advertisement outdoors of led display screen has irreplaceable function. Led comes into the silent one within two years common people's home.
LED display screen specification type:
Indoor tag is full-color and trinity: PH4, PH5, PH6, PH7.62, PH10, PH12
Outdoor all-color LED panel: PH8, PH10, PH12, PH16, PH20, PH25, waits
LED is rejected at bar, the curtain wall of the bar, all kinds of are special-shaped to reject the body, the cylindrical led display screen, the window shutter led display screen, gush out and paint led display screen.

Type: P20
Specification: 1280*960
Boarder color: Black
Use: The open air
The chip color of the modulator tube: Full-color
The function of the display screen: Cartoon
Authorize: CE
1280*960: Square 2500 is clicked / clicked