Full-color LED display screen of Leiyang hotel

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Address: American Scien-tech garden on China Guangdong Province Shenzhen Baoan district department of road of Chongqing

Good emperor's scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen lies in good fortune of Baoan district of Shenzhen and presses down forever, the company has totally independent factory building and modernized assembly line, the company has remarkable research and development groups, among them 80% have academic certificateses at or above the junior college level, and there are many trade elites, the constant one carries on products innovation, integrated application, technology, improve the cost performance of the products. To the demands of different customers, research and develop and design, make the products more human orientation, era. Good emperor's science and technology, now in order to become the domestic and foreign famous comprehensive operator of LED display screen.
The company is devoted to serving the global LED electronic display screen manufacturer, project trader. It is all service of serial display screens to offer indoor, the open air to domestic and foreign customer. Full-color display screen inside and outside the products including family, gushing out and painting the color screen, bar to perform products such as stage rejecting, square advertisement screen,etc.. The outdoor full-color display screen adopts IP65 standard module container body constructional design, install convenient maintenance. The company has already authorized through ISO9001-2000 quality system. 3C authorizes. ROSH authorizes. CE authorizes etc..
Reliable quality, advanced technology, stable craft, automatic fabrication facilities, reasonable price make good emperor's science and technology become the inner focus of the trade rapidly. To the demands of different customers, research and develop and design, making the products more human orientation and era. Offer the products apt to use of standard to customer, the products are applied to the bank extensively, securities, the schools, telecommunications, power supply, customs, courts, fire control, stations, airports, quays, human resources pools, cities brighten, bar amusement, trades such as the outdoor square,etc..
Good emperor's science and technology is a professional LED research and development, design, makes, the manufacturer as an organic whole in sale, project, service on display screen. Company rely on advantage talent reputable and elite technological in the trade, combine " practical innovating, keeping forging ahead and so as to really originally " one's own Management theory,Israel " it is serious, initiative, strictness, it is high-efficient " Style of doing things,it is last products not to last the ones high-quality LED.
In domestic Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Nanjing, Chongqing, Guangdong, Nanning, Hunan, more than 20 province and city such as Shanxi, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Shandong, Sichuan,etc. use on a large scale, the products are still exported to U.S.A., more than ten countries or regions such as Japan, South Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Africa. The company welcomes every project trader in the world, the trader, the unit of municipal corporation sincerely, chain comes to our company to investigate amusement, we will create brilliance in high-quality products, reasonable price, punctual delivery date, service and you of completion.
We firmly believe: So long as insist on being based on Hi-Tech, market-oriented, regard sincerity as the life, good emperor's scientific and technological management theory taking social benefit and economic benefits as the core, and the great kindness and support of the masses of users, our tomorrow will be better!

Process and customize: Yes Kind: LED display screen Type: PH10
Brand: Good emperor Reveal the color: Full-color Display mode: Static status display
Pixel pitch: 10(mm) The size of die set: 160*160(mm) Luminance: Extremely highlighted
Gradation: 256 Picture element: 1R1G1B Definition: 96*96
The environment for use: Outdoor Install the way: Pillar type
Real picture element. PH10 outdoor full-color parameter
Project Unit Parameter Project Unit Parameter
Physics is some interval Millimetre 10 Luminance CD/m 2


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