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LED waterproof light stripe | LED waterproof soft light stripe price | Should be beautiful electron, think LED the intersection of waterproof light stripe,etc. and lighting products initiate many waves of upsurge. Especially under the energetical push of the state policies, it is more prominent that LED lights the effect of substitution lighted to the tradition.
Should be American electron, think, the incandescent lamp is prohibited, has offered greater development opportunity for LED lighting industry. So, the market has put forward the new requirement for lighting products such as LED waterproof light stripe,etc..
The name of product: LED crystal soft light stripe
Item Model: IMG-R30X-SF
LED brand: Taiwan
The products power: 12VDC
Operating temperature: -From 20 to 40
1. last softer PCB to be for base plate, tags LED high light, as glower in board light stripe, it is arranged in strip PCB board front, use MINI water-proof joint to connect each other that homogeneous, exquisite and small and exquisite, sparkling and crystal-clear like crystal after lighting.
2.All transparent waterproof flexible capsulation, the characteristic that not merely keep LED lamp strip soft, any is crooked, and reach IP65 waterproof grade.
3. last a series of LED waterproof light stripe,can according to using by length requirementing, cut off among each unit.
4.There are many kinds of light color such as being red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm and white.
5.LED centre distance 16 mm.
6.The white PCB and chalceous PCB is available
7.Special waterproof material, guarantee to reach under the environments of 40 degrees of C and use in - 20 degrees of C, can all keep the characteristic of the soft easy model of the light stripe,
8.The internal and external lines of ideal one light the ornamental products, convenient, energy-conservation, the characteristic is steady. Can apply to the project of lighting in the indoor decorative illumination, show window etc..
9.Pack: 5M / roll. The size of the external box: 47*34*26 centimetres, 30 rolls / cases, gross weight: 11 kilograms / case
10.Quality guarantee period: 24 months
Product specification:
Specification: 5000*10*5mm
Waterproof grade: IP65
Weight: 238.5g
Shiny angle: >120 degrees
Electric specification:
Working voltage: 12VDC
Power: 24W
The quantity of ring joint of maximum: 6 meters
Power supply: Waterproof 30W-12V-2.5A; 60W-12V-5A; 150W-12V-12.5A
Non- waterproof 55W-12V-4.6A, 150W-12V-12.5A; 300W-12V-25A
Should be American electron, think, LED waterproof light stripe received by consumer favourably at the market more and more, this is not only because of its energy-concerving and environment-protective product performance, at the same time its high colour rendering and high lamplight effect also let more persons approve of.
Should be American electron, think colour rendering and lamplight effect the intersection of lighting and professional part under term, perhaps while buying LED waterproof light stripe ordinary consumers can not totally understand its culvert purpose, ensuing chapters should be American electron, explain these two concepts carefully for everybody.
The colour rendering of LED waterproof light stripe:
The intensity appearing to own color of object in light source is called the colour rendering, the intensity that only color is lifelike; Colour rendering of light source to come, indicate by colour rendering index, it show object lay more quasi-optically than group (sunlight) in light The bias of the color, can reflect the color characteristic of the light source in an all-round way while lighting.
The high light source of the colour rendering does well to the color, the color that we see is just close to the natural, the light source with low colour rendering behaves to the color discrepancily, the color deflection that we see is relatively great too.
International Commission on Illumination CIE fixes the colour rendering index of the sun for 100, the colour rendering indexes of all kinds of light sources have nothing in common with each other, for instance: Colour rendering index Ra of the high pressure sodium lamp =23,Colour rendering index Ra of the fluorescent tube =60~90, the colour rendering index of LED waterproof light stripe is greater than 80.
Develop the color and divide two kinds
Develop the color faithfully: Can display the original color of material correctly to need to use the colour rendering index (Ra) High light source, number value its close to 100, preferably colour rendering.
The result develops the color: Emphasize particular color distinctly, can make use of additive process to strengthen the result of developing the color while displaying beautiful life.
The lamplight effect of LED waterproof light stripe:
Weigh the important index with energy-conserving light source, on the luminous flux that light sources such as LED waterproof light stripe,etc. send out divided by power consumed of the light source. Unit: Lumens per watt (lm/w) .
Should be beautiful electron, think the intersection of LED and waterproof the intersection of light stripe and pluralism day by day of developing direction of industry, each field in our life and production is popularizing and using LED lamps and lanterns constantly too, this will promote the development of LED lighting industry fundamentally too.

Name Type Working voltage Working current Power rating LED quantity Quantity of ring joint Luminance Light beam of angle Specification Waterproof characteristic
Crystal soft light stripe reddish shade (5 meters / roll) IMG-R30R-SFW 12VDC 20mA*100 24W 300 5 meters 400mcd*300 120 5000*10mm IP65
Crystal soft light stripe gold-tinted (5 meters / roll) IMG-R30Y-SFW 12VDC 20mA*100 24W 300 5 meters 750mcd*300 120 5000*10mm IP65
Crystal soft light stripe blue light (5 meters / roll) IMG-R30B-SFW 12VDC 20mA*100 24W 300 5 meters 400mcd*300 120 5000*10mm IP65
Crystal soft light stripe green glow (5 meters / roll) IMG-R30G-SFW 12VDC 20mA*100 24W 300 5 meters 800mcd*300 120 5000*10mm IP65
Crystal soft light stripe white light (5 meters / roll) IMG-R30W-SFW 12VDC 20mA*100 24W 300 5 meters 1500mcd*300 120 5000*10mm IP65
Crystal soft light stripe warm white light (5 meters / roll) IMG-R30WW-SFW 12VDC 20mA*100 24W 300 5 meters 1500mcd*300 120 5000*10mm IP65
Pack: 47*34*26 centimetres, 30 rolls / cases, gross weight: 11 kilogram /
Type: IMG-R30X-SF
Specification: 5000*10*5mm
Trade mark: Should be beautiful
Colour temperature: Exactly white
Use: The commerce lights
Protection grade: IP65
Power: Direct current
Life-span: 30,000h
Input voltage: 12V
Shiny color: Panchromatic
Diffuser plate: PC/PVC
Lamp holder material: Aluminium
Electric current type: DC
Authorize: ISO

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