Light source ( GX53)

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Employ the place: This product is used in the wardrobe, cupboard, wall fitting, pendant lamp, ceiling lamp, light of the corridor, bathroom and use a great deal of room lighting such as the light, bed lamp. It is you that beautify the home furnishing ideal to choose, GX53 lamps and lanterns are applied top-grade places such as the building,etc. to the hotel, hotel, coffee house, worked extensively too. Welcome the incoming telegram to consult the details.

GX53 is also called GX53LED light, GX53 lamps and lanterns adopt high-quality SMD tag or high-power LED to do the light source.
Electric-saving, environmental protection, for example: At the time of light source it make LEDs high-quality it than in GX53 lights halogenic that is traditional ( Each watt 4-5LM) Luminance high 5 double more than; And the energy-conserving result is that traditional halogen has 1/10, if it is better to use TOP LED to do the light source result. GX53 is that one uses newly ornamentally and intersperses the light source, remedies the high temperature of the electricity-saving lamp, high loss, short-life defect, have spanking advantages to and start the result more than the electricity-saving lamp. Can choose the colour temperature of the perfect light source according to different environment for use.

Operating mode AC220 power of GX53. Supply with LED working current 13-16MA, can also use TOP LED. products to further improve the lamplight effect to install 4.8MM grass cap head LED in the lamp, the light is soft. The lamps and lanterns have in employing: Zero is stroboscopic, have no glare, illuminate the area widely, with even luminance, it is really accomplished that the vision is effectual: It is close to the natural light continuously that shiny and soft, steady, it is a really ideal green light source.

Power: 5.5W
Face mask: Depolished glass
Power: Independent switching power supply
Luminous flux: 520LM
Colour temperature: 3000-3200k/6000-6500k
It is pointed that apparent: 80Ra

Type: GX53
Output: 999999999999
Colour temperature: Exactly white
Use: Room lighting
Protection grade: IP20
Power: Alternating current